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Composite and No-prep Veneers

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Your teeth play a major role in the appearance of your smile. Any imperfections, no matter how minor, can significantly affect the look of your teeth, and the quality of your smile. At LakeView Dental Arts, we can correct minor dental flaws with composite and no-prep veneers.

What Are Composite Veneers?

Composite veneers are a restoration used to correct the appearance of your smile when your teeth are affected by minor dental imperfections. They are made from a composite resin material, which is a mixture of plastic, fine glass, and other materials. They are sometimes referred to as same-day veneers and are less invasive than porcelain veneers when it comes to repairing the quality of your smile.

Placement of Composite Veneers

Getting composite veneers takes just one visit. Minimal preparation of your teeth is required. After the teeth have been repaired, the composite resin material is placed on the teeth and sculpted almost like putty. Once the desired appearance has been achieved, the material is then cured, or hardened, with a special light.

Benefits of Composite Veneers

There are several benefits to composite veneers.
•  They require less tooth prep than porcelain veneers. In many cases, the teeth may not need to be prepared at all.
•  Composite costs less than porcelain.
•  Your veneers are completed in a single visit, where porcelain veneers require two.
•  If they are damaged, they can be easily replaced.

Drawbacks to Composite Veneers

There are also a few drawbacks to composite veneers as well.
•  The material is not as strong as porcelain, leaving them more susceptible to damage.
•  Their lifespan is not as long as porcelain.
•  Composite can pick up stains. If these veneers do become stained, they cannot be whitened and instead need to be replaced.

What Are No-prep Veneers?

No-prep veneers are made of porcelain, but they are much thinner than regular porcelain veneers. Because they are so thin, they can be applied over your teeth without having to remove any of your enamel. They provide a seamless, natural-looking restoration that provides treatment for those who are wary about having enamel removed from their teeth.

No-prep Veneer Benefits

There are several benefits to no-prep veneers.
•  They are ultra-thin, so they do not require any tooth enamel to be removed.
•  There is no need for a local anesthetic.
•  Because they are so thin, they do not appear, or feel, bulky. They provide a beautiful, natural appearance, and no one will know that they are there.
•  Despite being thin, they are still very strong once bonded to the teeth.

Are There Any Disadvantages to No-Prep Veneers?

There are also a few disadvantages to no-prep veneers.
•  They may not be an ideal choice if your teeth are discolored.
•  They may not be ideal if your teeth are misaligned.
•  If the teeth are bulky, or rotated, no-prep veneers cannot be placed to cover these issues.

Whether your teeth have minor chips or cracks, have noticeable gaps, or are slightly overlapping, composite and no-prep veneers can help. Call LakeView Dental Arts to schedule your consultation and find out what treatment option is right for you at (865) 248-2199.
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